Frq War of 1812 Essay

The war of 1812 could be called a forgotten war. However, the war could be called a second war for independence. The war of 1812 had a significant impact on America. This war paved the way for industrialization, nationalism, and global recognition. This war also showed that the US could fend for itself. The War of 1812 made the United States become more industrialized. Because trading was limited by the war of 1812, America was forced to industrialize.

Henry Clay’s “American System” created an internal network of roads and canals to help with moving goods across America. This machine separated the cotton seeds from the fibers making cotton the chief export of America. The war of 1812 also caused an upsurge of nationalism. This war caused the era of good feelings in America. The Americans had an overall good feeling about themselves for defending their country from Britain. During the 18th century, the Americans started to feel very patriotic. They had started to love their newfound country.

The war of 1812 brought recognition to the United States. For example, The Adams-Onis Treaty made Spain give the Florida territory to the Americans because Spain didn’t want a battle with America. Another example of the US showing itself on the global scale was the Monroe Doctrine. The doctrine stated that America will stay out of the west if the Europeans stay out of America. ————————————————- In conclusion the War of 1812 had major impacts on the United States.

From industrialization to global recognition the war was a second revolution for America. Needs a little more support for each point. Need to be a little more solid. Good points – just have to be able to back them up. Industrialized: talk more about technological advances and ideas. Industrialization is not always machinery and product; it can be the idea for a product. Mention patents maybe? No cotton gin! Nationalism: Could bring in Monroe Doctrine. Also mention patriotism. Recognition: Once again, Monroe Doctrine! Add more details about it.