Outlina and Thesis Statement Guide Essay

Associate Program Material Appendix F Outline and Thesis Statement Guide What is your thesis statement? Small business is vital to the overall economic strength and security of this country, by providing cost-effective services. I. Introduction II. First main point : a. Supporting details: Entrepreneurs and small business owners are one of our nation’s greatest strengths. i. Subdetails: How to start the business ii. Subdetails: How to succeed b. Supporting details i.

Subdetails: Applying for a small business loan ii. Subdetails: What banks offer the loans and which one to choose. III. Second main point: The effects of tax Incentives for small businesses a. Supporting details i. Subdetails: The impact of the SIMPLES program ii. Subdetails: The tax cuts that are offered to small business owners b. Supporting details i. Subdetails : Why are most American’s becoming Entrepreneurs ii.

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Subdetails : Where and How to get these tax breaks IV. Third main point: Over half of America’s workforce is employed by small business owners. a. Supporting details i. Subdetails: Individual tax rates vs corporate tax rates ii. Subdetails: Small businesses create 2 out of every 3 jobs in America. b. Supporting details i. Subdetails: Which politicians are for small business owners ii. Subdetails: Employment vs Unemployment V.

Fourth main point: Who will help small businesses succeed a. Supporting details i. Subdetails: Small business administration and America’s Banks ii. Subdetails: providing small businesses with access and opportunity they need to succeed. b. Supporting details i. Subdetails: Providing cost-effective services for American’s and their Families. ii. Subdetails: Bringing back jobs for America VI. Conclusion: Why America succeeds with small business owners.